Essential Oils

I'm not one to impulsively purchase anything big. Often when I shop, it takes hours because not only am I indecisive, but I go over the practicality of the item, evaluate if I really love it or just like it, put it in my cart, stop, hold it for a while, put it back, leave the store, think about it for a while, then return for it if I decide I can't live without it. 

For months I've thought about getting on the essential oils train, but had decided against it because I've actually been really skeptical about them in general. I feel like a lot of what you hear is how they miraculously heal ailments and treat issues that come up in the day to day, but honestly have felt like maybe a lot of these oils could have been placebos. I'm all about doing things naturally (ex: birthing a child) but am definitely not against ruling out drugs when someone truly needs them (ex: birthing a child). After discovering a couple of oils that I actually prefer over common products, I finally decided to give the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living a try and learn more about them. 

I'm trying to incorporate more and more natural products into my home, for health, cleaning, beauty, etc. and as I'm just getting started, I'm wondering if there are any oils any of you really swear by? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Try the Essential Oil Starter Kit with me.