Jaclyn Sarah Hanns

Hi! I'm a wife & mama from southeast Portland, Oregon. I've been married for six years to a handsome creative professional named Tyler, and together we have two kids. Our daughter, Lumen, is three and we also have a baby boy named Ever. I spent the last six years working as a bakery product buyer, barista, and production baker with a few different businesses, and now I have the honor of staying at home full time with my kids. 

Here, you'll find my compilation of recipes and ramblings complete with high-resolution photos. But behind every photo, there is usually a stack of dirty dishes, too much coffee, and a heaping pile of imperfection. It's my mission to build my house with grace, love, and natural components, and this is my attempt at documenting the little things along the way. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit! Let's be friends.